Plant based in 100 languages

One of the shortest routes into a healthy and sustainable future is plant based food. However, putting this to practice is challenging. Despite the growing market of meat and dairy substitutes, still, plant based food is surrounded by stigmas. Too expensive, too elitist and not tasty. And in part, supermarkets and restaurants uphold this image. Vegan burgers are more expensive than chicken nuggets, and vegan coffee bars mostly target soy-latte-macchiato hipsters. 

So, how to prevent the plant based narrative to be hijacked by a cosmopolitan avant garde and as a result, gets deadlocked in food gentrification. 

Plant based in 100 languages is an ongoing research project that brings togethers knowledge and skills from different cuisines. It celebrates culinary diversity beyond vegan burgers and avocados with the aim to construct a plethora of alternative plant based narratives.